Tanya Hopkins Photography offers custom outdoor and indoor on location pet photography.  Outdoor packages can be at a variety of locations such as your own backyard or quiet local park.  Indoor photography packages include a complete studio setup including strobe lighting and optional backgrounds.  Tanya can also stage a set in your home with the use of your own furniture and decorative items in your home.  If you want to also be in the photo, people are always welcome.

Our goal is to capture your pet how they naturally are in and around your home, and that can take time to get a pet to relax, but we budget plenty of time for pets to get comfortable in front of the camera.  We never book more than two shoots a day, so you will get plenty of individualized attention.  If your cat hides under the bed, no problem, there will be plenty of time to coax him out of his own favorite hiding place!



Email or call to discuss your ideas and ask questions for your upcoming shoot.  After a phone consultation you will receive an emailed invoice.  50% of the session fee is required to book your session.  Due to extraneous circumstances such as weather, shoots may have to be rescheduled.



About a week out, take your pet to the groomers if they get groomed regularly.  If you choose to get a new collar or accessories for your pet now is the time to shop.  If shooting outdoors pther than your home pick your location. 

A few days before be sure to stock up on extra tasty treats to get your pets attention and gather any favorite toys to bring. 

The day before brush your pet thoroughly and wash any dirty areas with mild soap.  At this time with weather permitting, try to keep your canine in dry mud-free areas.  If leashes and collars need to be freshened, wash accordingly.   Plan to bring extra collars or any accessories for different looks.  If the shoot is at your home, tidy up the interior rooms where the shoot will take place, run the vacuum on the floor and upholstered furniture.  Wash any blankets that might be in the shoot.  

The day of, gather your treats, toys, and accessories. 

An hour or two before the shoot take your dog for a long walk to expel excess energy.  Wipe off any facial or paw debris with a dry paper towel and lightly comb your pet to neaten up the hair.  


What to Bring for Outdoor Sessions

* All collars, accessories, and ID and Rabies Vaccine Tags
* Water and bowl
* Treats, toys such as frisbees, and clicker if clicker trained
* Extra leash and doggy bags
* Paper towels
* Comb and Grooming Accessories
* Blankets or props
* An extra friend to help with posing if you want to be in the photo


People Portraits

Get your hair cut a few weeks prior to the shoot.  Select a few outfits to bring and keep the colors simple without any busy patterns.  If multiple people are in the picture, make sure there is some harmony to the colors chosen.  Bring extra makeup, mirror, and hairbrush.  If your dog or cat is very light or dark in color, avoid the extreme opposite of colors when selecting your wardrobe.  So if you have a black lab, avoid a bright white top or pants. 


After the Session

You will receive a link to your private online web gallery within ten business days of your session.  Take a few weeks to show your friends and family.  Once you have gathered everyone's orders, contact me to schedule an appointment to meet to review your order.  I can advise on portrait size, cropping, and print finishes. After your order is placed it will typically be shipped within two weeks except for albums which take much longer.  Your remainingbalance is due at that time.   Our flexible payment options include all major credit cards including PayPal, Square, checks, and cash.  

Learn more about Pricing and making an appointment