This photo was a finalist in Pet Valu's national 2017 photo calendar contest!  Voting in now closed and we are waiting for Pet Valu to verify the votes.  Pet Valu will publish the official list of winners who are included in the 2017 calendar on July 27th.

We are truly grateful for everyone who has supported Misty! 

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Pet Valu loves to give back to the local communities its stores support.  All calendar sales benefit animal rescue charities throughout the year!

Fun Facts About Misty:

  1. She's a Humane Pennsylvania rescue kitty and has lived with us a few months
  2. She loves to watch birds in the sun with her best friend Ronni
  3. She secretly takes socks out of the laundry and hides them around the house
  4. She prefers to play with golf balls over the plastic cat toys
  5. One of her favorite past times is playing with the shower curtain
  6. She knows her name and comes to you when called
  7. Her absolute favorite spot in the house is underneath my computer monitor
  8. Her second favorite spot is on my lap watching TV
  9. Her favorite cat toy is Fling-Ama-String
  10. She's the best thing that has happened to us